OURBAHAMAS.ORG is the Internet Hub of The Council for Concerned Bahamians Abroad (CBA).

Various estimates suggest that there are more than 50,000 Bahamian Americans in the United States. Bahamian Americans in the United States represent 0.01% of the US population. While figures for Canada and Europe are not as readily available it can be assumed that there are also many expatriate Bahamians in these areas and other parts of the world.

The Council for Concerned Bahamians Abroad (CBA) is an apolitical, non-partisan Policy Institute and Foundation representing the interests of Bahamians Abroad, and Friends of the Bahamas concerned about policies and initiatives affecting the Bahamas, its people, its economy, and its development. The Council’s concerns include the protection and preservation of the economic and family interests of Bahamians residing or domiciled outside the Bahamas. A primary concern of the Council is the impact of Bahamian governmental initiatives.

The Council invites all Bahamians and Bahamian organizations residing or domiciled outside the Bahamas, Bahamians within the Bahamas, Bahamian-Americans, and Friends of the Bahamas with concerns about the future of the Bahamas and its people to participate in the CBA’s forums and activities.

As a voice for Bahamians Abroad, the Council’s primary function is to provide a forum to monitor, analyze, and discuss policies, initiatives, and issues affecting the Bahamas and its people. The Council as a policy institute and forum will gather comments and opinions, and publish informed reports addressing solutions to the issues, needs and effects of such policies and initiatives.

To contribute to nation building and problem solving, CBA also administers a special project “The Bring It Home Initiative” (BIHI) designed to assist the Bahamas in its development by utilizing the talents and contributions of Bahamians and Friends of the Bahamas residing or domiciled Abroad.

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